The Vandross Invitational

post number thirty seven

I was once quoted in a book. The Age of Netflix.

I do not remember writing this. But that makes sense, once I realized this was part of a bracket I’d done: Who Won 2013?

After about 10,000 words, I’d landed on the answer.

After defeating the City of Toronto, Netflix, Vine, and LeBron James, Cultural Appropriation took the crown, defeating Kanye West (who had just beaten the Pope).

I’ve been doing brackets a long time now. They’re exhilarating, they’re exhausting. And after their completion, I always say the same thing:

I’m never doing that again.

Took three years off, but I’m back. Because Luther.

Looking at this image, four questions will race to your mind, all of which I have answers for.

How’d you pick the songs?

Great question. I picked the best 32 Luther Vandross songs, decided entirely by me.

Wait, so how’d you get to 16?

I seeded the songs, based on their popularity ranking on Spotify’s This is Luther Vandross playlist.

Did you include any Vandross that wasn’t on that playlist?

Absolutely, and they were given 8 seeds.

Are you accounting for live Luther versions?

Yes — in this bracket, each song included is being evaluated (and celebrated) by its finest version [album version, live performance, or music video].

Wait, you never said how you’d got to 16?

Oh, my bad. I already played out the first round.

Sorry, to these songs, which are all bangers:

Click here for the full playlist.


Saturday: Sweet 16

Sunday: Elite 8

Monday: Final 4