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2 weeks ago, I got asked to help make a thing. And now I’m helping to make that thing.

In a terrifying (I’m not saying this modestly, I’m saying this honestly) series of events — I’m hosting a 5-episode, limited series podcast: Gaining Ground: The New Georgia. It’s a collaboration between the old homies at Crooked Media and the new homies at Tenderfoot TV. I’m helping to write the episodes — a thing that I feel comfortable doing — and then doing something I’ve never ever ever ever done before — VOICEOVERS.

Live footage of me, reading back-to-back sentences correctly.

Thankfully, I’ve got help writing these episodes, most notably from my ATL homie and incredible reporter Jewel Wicker, who is my co-host/writer.

I was going to do a post about this after Episode 1. But I wasn’t convinced. And also horrified by the sound of my own voice. And also, just anxious about everything.

More thoughts on reading (not apologizing for this bootleg version from Youtube):

But after Episode 2, which dropped yesterday, I’m convinced this wasn’t a giant mistake. In a turn of events, I’m actually excited and veering into this is exhausting but awesome land.

We’re making it extremely fast — this project is a build up to the Georgia Senate runoff on January 5th. But any time I think about complaining, I think about all the people who have been busting their ass for years to play their part in turning Georgia blue. Once I remember that, I open up my laptop and start writing words, and then walk back into the closet and put my face in front of the microphone and start saying words.

It’s very cool, to document this incredible moment in Georgia’s history, while being one of many that’s helping to keep the energy up (and the interest alive) as we head into the runoffs.

The Trailer:



That’s it. Three more episodes left. And yeah, as you’ll see — we’ll be in real time by Episode 4. The remaining schedule:

Episode 3: Tuesday, Dec. 29th (Nov. 3rd, 2020 — Election Day in Georgia)

Episode 4: Tuesday, Jan. 5th (Senate Runoff Day)

Episode 5: Tuesday, Jan. 12th (The aftermath/what’s next)

Listen, subscribe, leave comments, Tweet about it, whatever you want — it’s the holidays. But also, tell a friend, especially especially if they live in Georgia and are a voter.

Turning this thing off again. Just wanted to say hi.