art collecting (for a 9th grader)

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It’s time for us to do another activity. The task comes from my mother.

I have a younger cousin, a rising freshman in high school. With only that information, what FIVE pieces of art would you want him (ooh, there’s another piece of information) to experience?

I’m talking things for him to read, see, and hear. And this isn’t limited to just books, film, and songs — it could be Tweets, Vines, and a speech. Both the classical and the creative carry equal weight. All that matters is that it’s something you think would positively enhance his life, at this age.

I have one additional question, but just for the Black people. Everyone else, please avert your eyes, thank you.

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Hey, it’s just us.

So, I’m really talking about things that would be illuminating for a Black boy headed to high school, in 2020. Like, your own little coming-of-age Black Power Mixtape. Both the serious and the fun. Ignore the “FIVE” submissions limit, I’ll take as many as you can think of.

Talk to everyone later tonight, at the meeting.

-Rem Black

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Hey everyone, feel free to send all submissions to the hotline:

Tomorrow, we’ll discuss the findings.