and on this, the ninetieth post

post number ninety

Goodbye, Kinfolk —

90 Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, USA, Earth.

It’s important, when you’re young, and when you live in a city, for you and your people to have a home base.

You know, the place where you get a tea in the 9am.

Or pick up your card that you left open the night before at 11am.

Or have a lunch meeting because you don’t have an office at 1pm.

Or sit in the corner and do some writing because they gave you the actually good wifi at 3pm.

Or kill time trying on clothes, dancing to daytime music, or just enjoying a nice conversation at 5pm.

Or attending a friends event at 7pm.

Or not having plans but deciding to see where the night takes you at 9pm.

Or confidently walking in with 6 friends from out of town at 11pm.

Or not-so-confidently walking to a line with 9 friends at 1am.

Or begging to hear your song at 3am.

Or the DJ saving it for you until 3:57am.

For a moment there, Kinfolk made a bunch of us feel like we had a part of New York City all to ourselves. For that alone, I’ll cherish it.

To the people who kept it going — behind the bar, upstairs, outside, in the shop, at the booth, and in the other Kinfolk from the one you’re currently thinking about — thank you.